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Primary Attributes

Primary attributes are determined at character creation and are used in calculation of many other attributes.


Power is the measure of output from energy conversion. Whether the resulting energy type ends up being kinetic, electromagnetic, thermal, etc. and the source is from within or outside the body, power is essentially how much of that energy results from using abilities or skills. A character with high power is a character that uses energy efficiency; they produce better or more results from the same initial amount.


Stamina is the measure of total energy reserves a character may use in action related abilities. Usually these abilities only require one point of energy to perform but advanced or more complex abilities may require two or more points. Energy points are normally restored when a character rests. See energy points.


Resilience is the measure of how hardy and/or determined a character is when defending against attacks. A character with high resilience can dodge, take and/or repel more damage and gets more benefit from most defense related abilities than a character with less resilience.

Secondary Attributes

Secondary attributes are determined by an algorithm that is often based on some calculation involving one or more of the primary attributes.

Hit Points

Hit points represent the amount of damage a character can sustain before becoming unconscious. Hit points are limited by a maximum (calculated with the formula below) that cannot be exceeded. Characters start with their maximum amount of hit points and can only regain lost hit points by resting, using abilities or performing skills.

Max HP = 20 + Level * HP Per Level

HP Per Level = ( 2 * Resilience + 5 )

Energy Points

Energy points represent the amount of energy a character can spend performing abilities. Once a character runs out of energy points they can no longer perform abilities that require spending them (unless they use fate points). Energy points are limited by a maximum value (calculated with the formula below) that cannot be exceeded. Characters start with their maximum amount of energy points. Energy points are reset to their maximum value when a character takes a short rest. Maximum energy points can be increased by abilities and equipment.

Max EP = 1 + ( Level / 2 ) + Stamina + bonuses (from abilities and equipment)

Defense Rating

Defense Rating represents how often a character can dodge or deflect incoming attacks. An attack roll must exceed a character's defense rating in order to successfully attack that character. Defense rating can be increased or decreased by size, abilities and equipment.

DR = 5 + Resilience + bonuses (from size, abilities and equipment)

Attack Rating

Attack Rating represents how well a character's attacks can bypass an opponent's defenses. A character adds their attack rating to the result of rolling a d20 when performing an attack; this is called an attack roll. If the result from this attack roll exceeds an opponent's defense rating then the attack succeeds and deals damage if applicable. The exception to this is when a 1 or 20 is rolled. Attack rating can be increased by abilities and equipment.

AR = Power + bonuses (from abilities and equipment)

Base Damage

Base damage is the minimum damage a character can dish out for abilities that deal damage. This number is added to the damage delt by a weapon during an attack and is normally the same as a character's power. Size, abilities and equipment can increase this number.

BD = Power + bonuses (from size, abilities and equipment)

Weapon Damage

Weapon damage uses the result of a roll determined by the damage dice or die used by the currently equipped weapon. A weapon normally has different damage dice for melee and ranged attacks. The character's base damage is then added to this result. Abilities that deal damage based on a weapon use this notation: [W]. Each time an action or ability is used that uses weapon damage that damage must be rolled and calculated. If an ability deals multiple times this amount then the multiple will be written first. For example, 3[W] is 3 times the value calculated for weapon damage. It is possible that base damage may contribute more to overall damage output than the character's weapon.

[W] = [result of ranged/melee weapon dice] + BD

Jump Length

Jump length is determined by a character's power. A character can jump to traverse a number of squares up to their jump length and ignoring the movement cost of difficult and hazardous terrain. Jump length can be increased by abilities and equipment.

Jump length = Power + bonuses (from abilities and equipment)

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