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Steps of Combat

  1. All characters involved in combat roll initiative.
  2. Perform surprise round if applicable starting with character with highest initiative.
  3. Begin combat round starting with the turn for the character with the highest initiative.
    Turns follow these steps:
    1. Start of turn event are resolved (normally ongoing damage or extra saving throws are resolve at this step).
    2. Character performs actions if able and those actions are resolved. See actions. Other characters may perform actions based on the actions chosen. See threatened squares.
    3. End of turn events are resolved (certain bonuses from abilities may end). Saving throws are performed for each condition if applicable.
  4. Continue the combat round for the next character in the initiative order. Repeat this step until all able characters have completed a turn.
  5. Repeat combat rounds until a victor is determined (usually once all opposition is dead).

Combat Round

Surprise Round


Combat Statistics


Attack Roll

Threatened Squares



Saving Throws