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What is Amorphous?

Amorphous is a table-top RPG ruleset to serve as an alternative to other systems such as Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder.

The following are the main motivations for the Amorphous ruleset:

  1. Keep things simple so the system is easy to pickup and play for new players. More complex rules might be supported for players more familiar to role-play systems but these rules should be marked as optional.
    • The number of character attributes are reduced. This is for two reasons: it makes creating characters simpler and it allows players more choice in character traits that aren't limited by character score values. Want to make a warrior type character that's incredibly smart without having to sacrifice to your attack bonus? Have at it.
    • Classes are out. Instead players can choose abilities in a way that mimics the mechanics of traditional class roles or they can select a mixture of abilities to create something unique.
  2. Promote and reward role-play.


Always round down.

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